We have some very exciting news to share: Last week, we submitted our 100 Projects for Peace proposal to the selection committee at Lewis & Clark College, and our project was selected as the number one choice! This means we are on track to get funding to return to northern Uganda this summer and implement our project.

Essentially, we will be running an agricultural vocational training program with education in nutrition, small business practices, and conflict resolution. Our focus is on the promotion of peaceful self-reliance and the empowerment of the generation of former child soldiers and children affected by war who have missed out on both formal and traditional education due to armed conflict and regional displacement.

You can read the details of our proposal here: 100 Projects for Peace proposal (draft)

The next steps us for will be working with the faculty committee to refine our proposal for submission to the Davis Foundation in February, interviewing and selecting local agricultural specialists, beginning the participant selection process in Ogur, working with CPU to refine the program curriculum and logistics, applying to a few additional grants, and fundraising.

We have opened a new crowdfunding campaign online to accept contributions. Thank you for your continued support!

We are incredibly excited that our proposal has been selected and are looking forward to what comes next.


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